Leadership With Initiative

One of the characteristics of truly great leaders is that they take the initiative. This makes them the trendsetters rather than the trend followers, and that is often a great characteristic of leadership.

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How to Lead Your Team Effectively

As a leader, one of your responsibilities is to lead your team effectively and encourage your people to seek God’s design and purposes for their ministry, whatever that might be.

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Building a Great Team

You are called to build a great team, but it takes time, effort, training and a lot of faith. But the promise is that you will see your faith rewarded, so take a chance on your team now!

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Become the Leader You’re Destined to Be!

This world needs leaders, and the Church needs leaders too.  Many aspire to leadership, but the numbers of leaders who are trained, equipped and available is sadly lacking.

But YOU have been chosen, and it’s time for you to step up and move into your destiny as a leader.

To who much is given, much is required, so learn, absorb and apply what you learn to build your team and your leadership!

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